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Outdoor Signs Signs Signs Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Below:


What is the Different between Neon and LED illumination? 
Neon has been a great source of illumination for signage for many years and is still a viable way to illuminate exterior and interior signage. Neon is more expensive to operate with respect to electrical costs and that’s were LED’s come in. LED’s are at the cusp of affording the sign industry to be able to use with interior and exterior signage at a more efficient method. LED modules have also become brighter offer and an excellent alternative to neon.


How long does a sign take to design, manufacture, permit and install? 
Typically a sign can take form 4-6 weeks to meet the customer’s expectations.


Can vehicle wraps be removed? 
Yes, they can, and with the method, we use there will be no adhesive residue. You can change your advertising message when you want to.


Are magnetic signs for cars a viable alternative to permanent signage?
Absolutely. Keep in mind that magnetic signage is meant to be a temporary solution to market your business and we recommend you clean daily and if you are going to be on the highway remove them.


Window lettering is very popular how can I get this done?
Quite easily, after you check your lease agreement and if allowed your message can be developed and placed on either the inside or outside of the window or windows.


I see a number of vehicles running around town with what are called wraps or vehicle graphics, how are they developed? 
In some cases the customer has an image or vision of what they would like to convey on the vehicle, colors, looks etc. With our experience we act as an expert on developing a vehicle wrap, or vehicle graphic that can grab the attention of a potential customer. This process can take 3-7 days to develop going over ideas, concepts, and many changes to get the right look.


Can neon be fixed?
Absolutely. Don’t throw that old beer sign out, in most instances, it can be fixed while also using part of the neon that has broken. Each job is priced differently and the sign needs to be seen to determine the repair costs.


I have heard there are signage laws that we must abide by what are some of these?
If you have a lease your agreement usually spells out the sign requirements, what is allowed, colors, styles etc. If you are a business with a sign and would like an a-frame there are ordinances that allow for a-frames with a permit. In most instances, a permit to hang a sign is required and a Contracted Sign Company is required to process this permit, we can do this for you.


Floor graphics are great, do they last?
Yes, they are both great advertising and they do last. The image is usually laminated with a non-slip feature and the vinyl adhesive is very aggressive for long-lasting adhesion to floors, basketball courts, or wherever you can think to place your message.


Electronic message centers, how do they work?
These units are like mini TV’s now a days, but most that are used utilize LED’s in different color spectrums to drive the various colors, words and messages. If you have been to Las Vegas or China these are widely used and very popular with marketers. Next time your on the highway you might even be instructed by one of these signs.